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  Visit Vegas Suds Car Wash with the Most Modern Touchless  Automatic and Self Service Car Wash Facilities in Las Vegas!  Vegas Suds Car Wash offers a touchless automatic wash with four different wash packages to choose from, five self serve bays with nine different features to clean your vehicle, eight free vacuum stations, vending machine with towels, armorall, and window wipes, and a large lit area to do all your detailing needs for your car.  
So happy to find you! Your carwash did
a great job, and you can't beat free
vacuums! Love it! -- Patricia Martinez
 3810 N. Jones Blvd Las Vegas NV 89108

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 What a clean car wash!!!
-- Robert J Stanley
I love this car wash!!
Plus the free vacuums! -- Maria Perez
We would like to thank you and your family for a good time today at the car wash. Everybody was really nice and friendly. It's definitely hands down the best car wash I've ever been to. -- Joyce Stewart

  A touchless automatic wash is a customer-friendly design, that uses high-pressure streams of water and chemical sprays to clean a car without touching it. Protecting the paint of your car and no scratches from brushes. Vegas Suds Car Wash offers four different wash packages to choose from. Our first package is  the Dust Buster, which is a quick basic wash and dry for lightly soiled vehicles. The second package to choose is the Super Soaker, which adds a second presoak for more heavily soiled vehicles. Our third package is the Shine Time, which adds some shine to your vehicle. Our fourth and best package is the Defender Plus, which does everything from the three packages and adds a premier shine. The touchless wash offers a quick, easy, and affordable  way to clean a car.  
  Touchless, no brushes, nothing touches your vehicle! Well lit, clean, exceptionally well maintained. Our offices are on-site so we have service technicians on the property each morning. All washes use softened water and have spot free rinse, no more hard water spots.   Our Vacuums are FREE. Did I mention the vacuums are free? 20HP professional vacuums not little cheepo canister vacuums. Large, well lit area, clean area for all your detailing needs.  
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  For those who like to wash their vehicles themselves, our self-serve wash has everything you need for your preference in how you like to clean your car. Each self-serve bay offers, pre-soak, high pressure soap, tire and engine cleaner, foaming brush with bubble gum scented soap, triple foam polish, rinse, wax, spot free rinse and air blowers. We feature high quality, cutting edge chemicals by Lustra Professional Car Care Products.   Once your done with your wash, do not forget to take care of the inside of your vehicle. Vegas Suds Car Wash offers free vacuums. Once again, we offer free vacuums. There are eight stations offering the free vacuums, high power, professional vacuum system. Also do not forget about those vending products.  
  Leave the quarters at home.  Vegas Suds Car Wash allows you to convert paper money in to tokens and even provides change!  In addition, we take credit cards with the convenience of a swipe machine in every bay!   The self-serve bays have bay blowers, triple foam conditioner, engine cleaner, foam brush, high pressure rinse and polish wax applications. This is the most modern self-serve in Las Vegas, we have everything you can have in a self-serve wash, It’s my business.  
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Vegas Suds Carwash
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We accept Discover/Visa/MC in every self-serve bay and in the automatic wash. 
 3810 N. Jones Blvd Las Vegas NV 89108